PDF Expert 7 review: Must-have document utility for iOS now offers pro subscription
Monday, 16 September 2019 10:00

There was a time when buying software meant using it as long as you’d like — that is, assuming one could avert their gaze from the allure of upgrades with cool new features or OS compatibility fixes. However, modern developers have found in-app purchases and subscriptions to be a more sustainable form of revenue in the long run.

Although I prefer the old way of doing business, companies like Readdle have found a way to successfully evolve from paid apps to subscriptions without raising the ire of longtime users who helped get them this far.

Free is the new paid

After debuting on iPad in 2010, PDF Expert has lived up to its name as the premiere iOS app for working with PDF documents on the go. And there’s absolutely no reason not to own it now, because version 7.0 of the app is free. That’s right, no more up-front purchase, nor in-app upgrades.

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